The Pylon

The Pylon Photo Booth is the best of both worlds.  It runs the same as Beauty Mirror Booth Software and can sit stationary, or detach and roam around like the Ring Roamer.  Split time at your event between roaming and stationary. 






Roam If You Want To

Roaming allows you to capture fun moments anywhere.  Bring it out on the dancefloor, bar, or anywhere groups naturally form.






Choose Your Experience

Just like the Mirror Booth, your guests can select their own experience. Still Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs, and Videos can all be set up for your guests to choose on The Pylon. ($50 per design add on). 







Circular LED Light

The Pylon Booth's circular LED light produces bright, mesmerizing colors including a pure tone of white to produce a superb photo quality for each and every shot!









The Pylon Booth comes to life with all its fun animations including touch-to-start, countdowns, and after-photo compliments.  






Branding and Custom Wrap

Brand loyalty is hard to come by, but with our activations you can turn passive consumers into loyal brand advocates.The Pylon booth is perfect for getting your brand out the to the people who need it most. Let us help you innovate and find new ways to engage with consumers.


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